Money Back Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee

We work hard to select the finest supplements in the world, but in the end we are not happy unless you are happy. It is for this reason we offer our very simple Money Back Guarantee on anything we sell.

You can use a full 1 month supply of any supplement we sell (1 full bottle), if you are not satisfied you may return the empty bottle for a full refund (only shipping is non-refundable). All we ask is that you call us for a return authorization number (1-877-660-9032) and that all returns be made within 60 days of the date of purchase.

If you order more than a 1 month supply (say you order 3 bottles) and you needed to do a return, you would simply need to return the 2 unopened bottles along with the 1 used bottle.

To recap, you can always try any product for 1 month - if you are not happy, return it within 60 days for a full refund.

Thank you for shopping at PowerDiscovery.Com